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Liam (Age 3) You were laying in bed after your dad had given you a bath. He tucked you in and told you a bedtime story. You were scared. This was the first time your mom hasn’t been home overnight and it freaked you out. You laid there for awhile and tried going to sleep, but it wasn’t working. You got up and grabbed your favorite teddy bear and made your way into the hallroom. You walked into your parents room and the bed was still made, so you knew your dad was still up. You walked down the hallway and saw your dad sitting in the living room watching a show.  “Daddy?” You whispered softly. He looked up and smiled softly. “Baby? What are you doing up?” You walked towards him and held out your arms. He picked you up gently and sat you in his lap so you were straddling him. “I no sleep. No mommy” He nodded. “I know, honey, but you know that mommy will be home tomorrow and that she misses you very very much” You nodded. “I no sleep by myself” You cried. “You don’t have to, you can sleep with Daddy tonight” He picked you up and sat down in the rocking chair “Just go to sleep baby. Daddy will tuck you into his bed when he goes to bed okay?” You nodded and nestled farther into him. “Night baby, I love you” “I love you too, Daddy” You whispered already falling asleep.

Louis (Age 6:) You sisters had convinced you that your house was haunted. That when you were sleeping, people messed with your toys and they stole your clothes. It got so bad that when you woke up in the mornings, clothes were gone and toys were moved. You were freaked out. So when your dad put you to bed that night, you wanted no part of it. Everytime he laid you down and left the room, you cried and screamed. You were never able to tell him what was wrong, but he always calmed you down and stayed with you until you were asleep. Tonight, though, was different. You wouldn’t let him leave. You didn’t even let him tuck you in. You just clung to him and refused to talk. “Bug, you need to tell daddy what’s wrong so I can make it better” You shook your head. He sat with you on your bed until you calmed down and he looked into your eyes. “You need to tell me, you’re scaring Daddy. Whatever it is, I can fix it.” You nodded. “(y/s/n) and (y/s/n) told me that our house was haunted and people move my toys and steal my clothes. I keep waking up and my toys are moved and my clothes are gone Daddy!” You screamed. He held you close and shushed you. “Honey, look at Daddy” He pleaded. “Your sisters are the one’s doing it. There is no one in the house besides our family.” “Promise?” He nodded “Promise” He tucked you into bed and went to have a long conversation with your sisters.

Niall (Age 8): Niall had the boys over and you couldn’t sleep. Your mom had gone to visit your grandparents for the weekend, so you were left with your dad. You truly missed your mom. She was basically your best girl friend. Your dad was your number guy friend for sure. You were daddy’s princess. You got up out of bed and wandered downstairs into the entertainmetn room, where they all sat. “Hey daddy?” You asked walking in. “Princess? It’s awfully late. Why are you up?” “Can we talk?” You asked your eyes tearing up. He nodded and got up. You both walked into the kitchen and he put you on the counter and put his arms on either side of you, supporting his weight. “I miss mommy” You said a tear running down your cheek. “Oh baby” He frowned hugging you tightly. “Mommy is coming home tomorrow night tho.” “I know, but I don’t like it when she’s not here when I go to bed.” He nods. “Me too” “Can we call her, please daddy?” He smiled and pulled out his phone. After talking to your mom for about fifteen minutes, you hung up “Thank you daddy” “No problem princess, How about we cuddle for awhile?” You nodded and hopped down going with your dad to watch some of movie that the boys were watching until you fell asleep.

Harry (Age 10): You had nightmares. Almost every night it was happening. You would wake up screaming or by falling out of bed. Your dad was you main support. He woke up with you every night and always made sure you were asleep before he went back to bed. You had a exceptionally bad nightmare tonight. You went running into your dad’s room, crying. “Daddy!” You cried. He immediatley woke up bringing you into his arms. “Another?” You nodded. “Same one where the bad man traps you and we just watch without helping?” You nodded burying your face in his chest. He rocked you back and forth until you stopped crying. When you stopped, you looked up. “Daddy, can I lay with you? Please? Only this once?” He laughed and nodded laying you down beside him. “You’re always welcome in here with me, let’s just not make it a habit” You nodded. He covered you both up with the comforter and quietly sang to you. “Daddy?” “Yes, love?” “How come I have bad nightmares?” “I honestly don’t know baby, but just know that I will always be here to protect you” You smiled and kissed his cheek. He softly sang again until you fell asleep.

Zayn (Age 4): You ate dinner, had a bath, and were laying in bed. Your dad forgot to tell you a story or sing to you. You were trying to be a big girl and just go to sleep, but it wasn’t working. It was getting later and later, and you knew that you should already be asleep. You decided that enough was enough and you would go find your dad. You walked around until you found him in the kitchen on his laptop. “Daddy?” He looked up and smiled “Hi baby girl, what’s the matter?” You walked over and sat on his lap. “I try to be a big girl I promise!” “You are a big girl! But can you tell me why you came in here to say that?” You nodded. “I was trying to sleep, but you no tell me a story or sing to me!” “Oh honey I forgot didn’t I? Daddy’s sorry, come on, let’s go and I’ll sing to you.” He picked you up and walked you into your room and laid you down. “We’ll start all over for our bedtime routine, okay baby girl?” You nodded and giggled, waiting for it to start. He covered you up, kissed your forehead and sat down
beside you. He softly began singing Little Things and before you knew it, you were out. Maybe you always had to have a story or a song, but that didn’t mean that you weren’t a big girl.

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