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Liam (Age 4): You were going on a boat today with your big brother and the band. Liam came into your room and got you dressed with your swimsuit and clothes on top. You arrived and you whipped your clothes off so he could put sunscreen on you. “Here baby, close your eyes and mouth” You did as he said and he smeared sunscreen on your face. You opened your eyes and licked your lips. He accidentally got some on there so you tasted it. You didn’t like it. “Li!! Nasty taste!” “Baby, why did you lick the sunscreen?” He questioned as he gave you his water bottle. “On my lip” You explained chugging the water. He carried you onto the boat and clipped your life jacket so you were safe. You sat down and looked over the edge at the water. While you were moving, Liam would hold your waist as you looked over at the water. You squealed “Fast!” “Yeah, it’s fast isn’t it.” The boys were all relaxing and drinking some beer while you were giddy and laughing running on the boat. You stopped in the middle of the lake and you jumped “Swimming!” Liam laughed and got into the water with you. After a while, you and Liam got out and he took off your life jacket and wrapped you in a towel. The heat began to get to you and you fell asleep cuddling into your brother.

Louis (Age 10): You were so excited when your brother said that you could go with him and the boys on the yacht. When you arrived, you were shocked out how big it actually was. “Louis, this is huge!” You said pulling on his arms. “Mhmm that’s why it’s a  yacht (y/n)” You laughed and you both walked on. You saw a bunch of paps watching and you weren’t quite sure. “Do you want to swim?” You shook your head. “Why not? Are you scared?” You shook your head and motioned him to come closer. “I don’t want those paps taking pictures of me in just my swimsuit” He nodded. He went and told security what was up and they took care of the problem. He came back, “They’re gone. Want to go with me now?” You nodded. Louis strapped the life jacket on you and you both jumped into the water. You swam and swam and swam. After awhile, Louis wanted out but you didn’t, so Liam jumped in with you. They began riding jet ski’s and you rode with Louis. When Louis was finished, you still wanted to ride, so Niall
let you ride with him. “She’s such a water bug” Louis told Zayn watching you ride around the water. Overall, you loved it and always asked Louis when you were going to go again.

Niall (Age 14): Niall told you that he was going boating with the boys. You asked if you could go and he nodded. You were currently on the boat laying out. You were in perfect sunlight when a shadow blocked your view. You opened your eyes to see Niall and Harry looking over you. “Wanna swim?” Niall asked. You shook your head. “I wanna tan” Harry and Niall exchanged glances before they picked you up. “NO!!!” You screamed, but it was too late. They threw you over the edge and into the water. You resurfaced, laughing and play yelling. They all jumped in after you and you played in the water like you were all little kids again. When you finally got out, you went back to tanning so you could dry off. You made sure to leave your eyes open in case they decided to pull another stunt on you. When you finished drying off, you all enjoyed a nice lunch and a relaxing afternoon. Sure you and Niall ended getting sunburn, but you promised to care for each other. After docking back on land, you all got off and said bye and went your seperate ways. 

Harry (Age 5): You weren’t a fan of water, but you didn’t hate it. You were a little weary when you went yachting with the boys while on tour. You either held Harry’s hand the whole time or he was holding you. You had just eaten lunch and were sitting on the side outside. “Do you want to go swimming, love?” Harry asked kneeling down to face you. You shook your head. “No, Haz” “Are you sure, I’m going to go.” “NO” “Okay okay, calm down, I’m not going to force you. You can stay here with Uncle Zayn” Zayn nodded and held his hands out. You ran and jumped onto his lap and rested your head on his chest. You two talked and watched as the boys messed around. “I go now?” You asked looking up at Zayn. He nodded and put your life jacket on, taking you to the edge. He called for Harry and Harry swam and took you. You held onto him and played around in the water with the other boys. After a while, you began to get tired from swimming and you wanted back up on the yacht. Harry gave you back to Zayn while he got out and then you cuddled watching the sunset before heading back home.

Zayn(Age 8): You were pumped. You were going boating and you loved it. You loved tubing, jet skiing and swimming. You were basically a mermaid that grew legs on land. Once you reached a safe distance from land, you jumped in. You swam and played Marco Polo with Niall before you went tubing. Zayn didn’t want you going alone so Louis volunteered to take you. You both laughed and squealed like little girls  gliding through the water. You eventually had to give the other boys a turn, but you managed to sneak a few more rides in. You all ate a nice lunch and waited for a little bit to go swimming. You all talked and laughed and joked around. When Zayn finally told you you could go swimming again, you jumped out of your chair, knocking it over and jumped back in. Zayn picked up your chair laughing as you swam around. When you were finally finished swimming, you grabbed a towel and laid down on a seat. Zayn walked over and laid your head in his lap. “Did you have fun today baby girl?” You nodded. “Mhm! Thank you Zaynie for letting me come.” “You’re quite welcome” He whispered bending down and kissing your forehead gently.

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